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Startup of the week: Skillties

In this edition of our blog, we speak to Leonard Zenouzi, Co-Founder at Skillties: AI-Driven Skill Management & automatically curated individual learning paths. Learn more about this innovative startup and Leonard's entrepreneurial journey below!

Tell us about your company:

Leonard: You're all familiar with the challenges involved in Human Resources Development. With a diverse range of skills, roles, and learning approaches, it's natural for HR and executives to feel overwhelmed. The task of identifying existing skills within your workforce or developing workers based on identified skill-gaps and career plans is in many ways impossible. That's where our AI comes in. It efficiently manages everything from job roles to skill mapping, and even recommends appropriate learning initiatives.

What made you become an entrepreneur? 

Leonard: I have spent my entire career in SaaS B2B. Upon meeting Sebastian, who possesses an impressive AI background, I was confident that we could make a great team. I believe that we can build something extraordinary that people will love.

What is the most challenging part of running your own startup?

Leonard: The greatest competitive advantage we have is technology, specifically our proprietary AI designed for HR Development and Skill-based Organization use cases. However, an AI doesn't make a product, and a product doesn't make a business. Integrating everything into a streamlined first solution with limited resources can be challenging, but we've made substantial progress. To date, we have raised only €160,000 and have already made great product development progress, have first revenue traction and much more.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced when looking for funding?

Leonard: The most significant challenge I have encountered in seeking funding lies in the unique intersection of our venture - that of AI and HR, especially in regard to SBO (Skills-based-orga). We've noticed that there are not many investors who possess expertise in one of these domains, but hardly in both, making it a tough task to find the right backers who truly understand the business and our AI moat. However, I firmly believe that with our capable team, top-notch product, and promising sales pipeline, we will successfully navigate these difficulties and attract the perfect investors, since we already have great investors onboard.

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship? 

Leonard: I am dedicated to creating a meaningful difference in society through my entrepreneurial activities. Together with Sebastian, I am building a piece of technology that has the potential to affect thousands of people positively. Our goal is to promote better equality in education and create organizations that are more resilient to change. The sense of contribution through these means is indeed rewarding.

Learn more on the company website:

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