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Valuation Services

Startup valuation is the process of calculating the value of a start-up company. A Start-Up Company will have multiple stages including Idea Stage, Development Stage, Startup Stage and Expansion stage. The valuation drivers and the final value conclusion will change based on stages of development.


We help companies to assess and determine the investment value and will give you the insight and guidance to build business value by Understanding controllable and uncontrollable value drivers. 

- Presented by Dulal Das

Director of Valuation Services

Due Diligence Questionnaire 

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  • Due Diligence process is an essential part of any Investment Deal

  • Get access to the set of 44 Questions & Process for one time online download


How to do Startup Valuations: An Overview

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  • Get access to the set of 18 pages with everything you need to know about startup valuation for one time download

  • Stages & Metrics, Valuation Methodologies, Value Conclusions & Deal Structuring


Startup Valuation Consulting Services

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  • Valuation Consulting Services include Complete Due Diligence Process, Valuation conclusion and Valuation Report. 

  • Our multidisciplinary team will work closely with you to give a detailed valuation of your business.


Valuation Case Study and Report

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  • Get a detailed example of a valuation report, including a range of different valuation methodologies. 


Valuation Workshop

  • Attend Live one of our Valuation Workshops or get access to the recording and slides. Previous sessions include: 

    • Startup Valuation Guide: Seed, Series A & Series B 

    • Valuation Workshop: Series A Financing

    • Startup Valuation Guide: Valuation of Intangible Assets

    • ​Guide to Valuing Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) in a Startup Company


Private Valuation Workshop

  • Learn the essentials of startup valuation in a private call with our Valuation Director Dulal Das.

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