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At The Startup Club, we are constantly looking for talents to join our international team.

If you have event management experience and if you are knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, we would be glad to have you on board!

Fill out the form or send us your CV at if you are interested.

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Being The Startup Club Manager is not a job but a business partnership. Central management of The Startup Club provides you with all necessary resources and infrastructure - website and social media marketing, payment processing and data management - while we expect you to bring your network and sales skills to make each event a success.


Having event organizing experience and existing network of investors or entrepreneurs is therefore key for the role. 

As part of our global team, you will have the following responsibilities:  

  • To organise The Startup Club events, such as Pitch Night or Investment Networking Conference. 

  • To establish a strong local community via networking, both online and offline.

  • To take an active role in growing the The Startup Club community in the groups. 

  • To secure partnerships with other key players in the local startup ecosystem, such as coworking spaces, accelerators, business angels and investment funds, local business associations and other organisations.

  • To be the point of contact for your community members, solving all member-related issues. Use your position as Startup Club Manager to become an influencer in your country or even globally. Make your name recognizable in the startup ecosystem!

As The Startup Club Manager, you will have the following skills and experience:

  • You are curious, extroverted, self-confident. You have experience or knowledge of local startup ecosystem, you enjoy networking and making new professional connections.

  • You have experience in sales and organizing events.

  • You have a developed network of entrepreneur or investor contacts in your region.

As a Startup Club Manager, you will not have a salary, but you will have a vast opportunity to create income for yourself at a very modest monthly fee. In turn, you can benefit from the following revenue sources:

  • Ticket sales from Startup Club events

  • Referral fee from selling Startup Club advertising, sponsorship and other services

  • Synergy between your own business and Startup Club. As Startup Club Manager, you can become an influencer in your local community. You can advertise your own business and sell consulting services. There is no limit to the variety of activities you can perform!

There is no limit to your revenue potential – with Startup Club, you are your own boss!