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Startup of the week: sendance

In this edition, we speak to Robert Koeppe, Co-founder & CEO at sendance - enabling the next generation of smart products in health & sports.

sendance designs patented sensot grids that can fit in any prototype. Just a few millimeters thin, the sensors can be places where you need them and mix different types: temperature, pressure, force, acceleration / angular velocity (IMU) and more. Seamlessly go from design to manufacturing, whether that’s mass personalization, or a small- or large-series run.

sendance also integrates data into your own platform and manage your organization and devices in compliance with medical data regulations. With this technology, you can g meaningful metrics and data visualizations in real-time, or record to analyze later, and monitor users and devices remotely.

Tell us about your company.

Robert: We founded sendance after several healthcare professionals reacted on a scientific publication about soft sensors by asking if these could be bought somewhere. The founding team found this to be a great mission: to enable manufacturers of healthcare and sports products to make their soft, stretchable and individually shaped devices interact with the wearer. This created strong market resonance especially in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics as well as rehabilitation and we are happy to partner with the strongest players in these sectors to create products that really help people to stay mobile despite age, disease or accidents.

What made you become an entrepreneur?

Robert: I always have been a builder by heart, enjoying to create smoothly functional entities from scratch. After managing a successful M&A exit with my first startup, I am happy to see that I learned my lessons well with sendance being something like my masterpiece as founder.

What is the most challenging part of running your own startup?

Robert: Definitely prioritising between the gazillions of important or seemingly important tasks and requests.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced when looking for funding?

Robert: Finding a way to get attention of investors and supplying exactly the right information in a hyperconcentrated way.

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship?

Robert: Watching your wild ideas turning into solid reality and making a positive impact on the world!

Learn more about the company on their website:

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