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Startup of the week: Palma Coliving

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This week, we are introducing you to Palma Coliving a premium seaside coliving brand operating at the verge of hybrid hospitality, real estate and tourism.

Palma Coliving is providing remote workers, digital nomads and freelancers a premium place to live, work & grow with like-minded people in 3 premium seaside locations. Quoted in 2022 as "one of the best hybrid hospitality brands in Spain" By Stay the night, Palma Coliving is now looking to expand their concept towards 10 locations in the next 2 years and are set to become the premium coliving leader in paradise-like locations.

Palma coliving was founded in 2020 by French entrepreneurs Matthieu Zeilas and Hugo Grange combining deep knowledge in hospitality & luxury brands management, digital marketing and event management.

The startup has seen a great amount of traction since their launch:

  • 120+ booking inquiries/month exceeding the current capacity

  • €50K already committed in this fundraising round

  • Reached break-even point with a 95% occupancy rate for 3 coliving properties

  • €150K Turn over

  • 5000+ active followers on social media

Palma coliving is now raising €500K to extend their property portfolio and brand awareness. Minimum ticket size of €50K.

If you are interested in an introduction meeting with Palma Coliving team, email

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