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Startup of the Week: Mavuno Technologies

The startup of this week is Mavuno Technologies founded in 2021 and operating in the AgriTech & FinTech industries! Their tagline is "Empowering African Smallholder Farmers" and they are making a great effort to support African smallholder farmers.

The startup is empowering African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery and machine learning to allow farmers to effectively double their yield! They have grown to 7,000 farmers

and they are currently seeking for funding of €1,000,000 to continue their support.

"Fundraising is hard. You can be super successful with stellar traction and a innovative and competitive business model in a very attractive market - still many investment decisions will not be made." - Johannes Röhrenbac

As Johannes Röhrenbac explains raising funds is definitely a hard task for most startups.

When asked about the biggest challenge faced while looking for funding Röhrenbac responds:

"We operate in the African market. Investors without experience in this geography will have a harder time estimating investment risks." - Johannes Röhrenbac

Despite the challenges, Röhrenbac is the type of entrepreneur that loves to create and build an organization that will make an impact. To the question about the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship Röhrenbac replies:

"Freedom and the opportunity to make a change." - Johannes Röhrenbac

I would like to thank Johannes Röhrenbac for taking time to respond to our questions and provide us with some insights regarding this great venture. If you would like to learn more about Mavuno technologies and their impact visit their page:

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