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Startup of the week: Greengage

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This week The Startup Club features Greengage, a digital merchant banking pioneer, that provides a platform of relationship-based e-money account services to SMEs, high net worth individuals, and digital asset firms to the highest ethical, secure and compliance standards. Alongside their account services, Greengage provides clients access to a B2B lending platform offering digital sources of money, as well as a suite of business apps.

We spoke to Greengage CEO Sean Kiernan​​​​ to learn more about the company and their entrepreneurial journey.

The Startup Club: What made you become an entrepreneur?

Sean Kiernan​​​​: I wanted to create a banking service that I’d want to be a client of – I’m a big believer in Web 3 and on sitting the same side of the table as a client. I think embracing new technologies allow us to return banking to is historic roots, and I wasn’t aware of anything else like what Greengage is building.

Despite the widespread global adoption of blockchain technology, few banks globally are truly crypto-friendly. Greengage aims to become the first Web3 bank offering digital merchant banking with relationships.

The company is developing across 3 verticals:

  • E-Money Accounts - with thousands of prospect crypto clients and SMEs and HNWIs as ancillary client segments for growth.

  • Business Apps

  • Funding Platform

Founded in March 2019, the company already raised £6m to date, with a team of 30+ people. Greengage will achieve monthly breakeven in Q4 2024, and profitability in 2025.

The Startup Club: What is the most challenging part of running a startup?

Sean Kiernan​​​​: There’s never just one, depends where we are on our journey but a combination of funding and revenue scaling is always present, as is ensuring consistently excellent service delivery for our clients.

The Startup Club: What is the biggest challenge you had to face when looking for funding?

Sean Kiernan​​​​: The current markets are not straightforward. We’re now clearly beyond the “vision” stage and have de-risked a lot of our build, so revenues and our stellar testimonials have helped us attract investors.

The Startup Club: Despite the challenges, what is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for you?

Sean Kiernan​​​​: Building something from scratch is hugely rewarding. It’s very exciting to see an idea come to life and take on its own characteristics as the team grows around it and bring new viewpoints and strengths.

Greengage is currently looking for a funding of £5M.

To know more about the company, please visit their website:, or reach out to

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