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Startup of the week: EarnBIT

This week, we spoke to Filipp Girusov from EarnBIT, the first live streaming crypto exchange. Learn more about the company and uncover their entrepreneurial journey below!

Tell us about your company.

EarnBIT is more than a functioning crypto exchange: powered by the EBT token, it is growing into a groundbreaking economy with live streams at the core. Our digital ecosystem makes trading accessible to all and redefines learning and community-building through the most engaging and efficient format.

Equipped with spot trading, quick exchange, and a launchpad, EarnBIT is now building a unique streaming service that will benefit users and experts alike. It offers multi-level monetization with donations, performance metrics, affiliate rewards, and social features. Our roadmap also includes an array of other innovative services, all intertwined through EBT.

What made you become an entrepreneur?

I was driven by two things: my deep passion for innovation and a desire to contribute to the transformative potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The opportunity to create something meaningful, drive change, and solve real-world problems is what inspired me to embark on this journey.

What is the most challenging part of running your own startup?

The crypto industry thrives on innovation, and the pace of change is breakneck. Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, while challenging on its own, is not enough. To stay competitive, companies have to maintain adaptability in this rapidly evolving market. Hence, EarnBIT must stay ahead of regulatory changes, ensure compliance, and simultaneously foster innovation – that is a delicate balancing act.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced when looking for funding?

In the dynamic crypto space, securing funding goes beyond the viability of current offerings – we must also demonstrate adaptability to the market's ever-changing needs. The most demanding part of communication with potential investors has been conveying our long-term vision and the potential impact of EarnBIT for years to come.

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship?

The most rewarding part of entrepreneurship, particularly in crypto, is witnessing the real-world impact of our innovations — positive changes for users and the broader financial landscape. It is immensely gratifying to see our platform empower individuals, drive economic inclusion, and shape the future of finance. The sense of achievement in building something of value is truly fulfilling.

Learn more about the company on their website:

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