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Startup of the week: Casculate

Updated: May 15, 2023

This week, The Startup Club features Casculate - a startup aiming at   AI-based instant pricing. The CEO, Simon W. Geib provided us company's general background and opened up about his journey ever since he embarked on the entrepreneurial endeavour.

Casculate was founded in February 2021 and currently seeking for €1.5m seed funding. The company believes that the AI-based calculation toolbox of Casculate is the kickoff of an ecosystem for commercial excellence within the manufacturing industry, because individual pricing is always a challenge for factories in this B2B market.

With experienced team of ten experts, the company is backed by three excellent business angels & a reliable network – knowing the market, the processes & the technology from the scratch. 

When was asked what made Simon become an entrepreneur? He says that the intrinsic motivation to always try something new and to break through existing barriers motivates again and again.

The most challenging part of running his own startup for Simon is balancing the team, the customer, the product & the investors by limited resources, while also matching product & situation to the funding metrics of the VC’s during the fundraising process.

Regarding the most rewarding aspects of entrepreneurship, at no time are success and failure so close together as in the early stages of a start-up & being able to influence this directly is unique.

If you are curious to learn more about Casculate, feel free to get access to their pitch deck by getting in touch with Thank you for sticking around!

Learn more on their website:

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