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Startup of the Week: Big Blue People (BBP)

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Introducing to you this week’s startup, Big Blue People (BBP). Today, we peak with the founder Gustavo Huenelaf about his entrepreneurial journey.

Big Blue People is a web and mobile App based project based in Argentina, that gives the users chance to easily access the services nearby provided by professionals. It is easy to know the details of the services with just one click and request the budget demands.

  • Mission: to connect people, by building a reliable market place, and empower the people in need by the use of technology.

  • Vision: Creating a world, where every service offered, is chosen as quickly, safely as possible. Just one click away!

  • Aim: Create an impact to the bottom of the social pyramid.

Gustovo did his MBA from HULT in London, where he found his inner passion for the entrepreneurship, and began his journey down this path, studying and learning from all past cases of entrepreneurs, whether a success or a fail. Gustovo wanted to innovate the world with providing the tech solutions, that create a big impact on the day to day life of a person. His build his motivation from the entrepreneurs that build big Global companies from the garage of their homes, and his exact words were,

“I should try the same and not to be afraid” – Gustovo Huenelaf

Biggest challenges

According to Gustovo, the biggest challenged he faced while building his startup, was building of a team. As every empire needs its pillars, so every startup needs its team members. And getting them motivated to the same level is always a big challenge for a first time entrepreneur.

Funding itself also comes up with its own challenges, keeping investors interested, is keeping traction, and all the startup needs is a growth. So, team need to build enough traction to keep investors on-board. Gustovo adds here,

“Funding is like a full-time job, and here is entrepreneurship mindset is tested.”- Gustovo Heunelaf

The rewarding stage for any startup is not giving up and build something with your team that you aimed for, and keep moving forward, according to Gustovo.

If you want to hear from Gustovo himself, here is a short interview, where he explains his journey briefly.

In the last, would like to thank Gustovo for being part of this project and taking time out for an interview to talk about Big Blue People (BBP). If you are interested to know more about BBP, visit their website:

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