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Startup of the Week: AirMathsTuition

Continue with our startup series spotlighting previously-pitched participants, we are thrilled to introduce you to our featured start-up of the week: AirMathsTuition.

Michael Olagunju, the founder & CEO of AirMathsTuition talks about his startup and opens up about his journey & challenges he faced as an Entrepreneur.

Some facts about AirMathsTuition:

  • Is the online STEM tuition site with a 95% success rate*.

  • Improves drastically students’ performance, helping them move up in sets, ace exams, and win places at universities.

  • Specialises in engaging, interactive lessons in STEM subjects which includes: Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering.

  • Provides support for UK curriculums, International & American curriculums at all levels.

  • Focuses on developing understanding, building confidence, and creating a safe, friendly learning environment."

Michael revealed the reasons why he became an entrepreneur and how he built up the AirMathsTuition platform: "I used to be a trader so I guess I've always enjoyed the thrill of building systems that make cash. I used this platform, to help me get an A in my A levels and then go on to achieve a 1st class honours degree in Mathematics. So firstly I'm personally motivated to support more students like me who couldn't gain access to quality tuition, but also there are now golden opportunities to leverage technology in a way that revolutionises the way students learn. I'm keen to explore how far we can push the boundaries of technology to make learning accessible and optimal for all."

He also confessed that there are a lot that entrepreneurs have to confront. One of which he personally found challenging is attracting talent: " I found that the biggest challenge when it comes to running my own startup is finding talent. Gems are a rare and dying breed". In addition, collecting funds is no easy task. He added: "It is unlikely to give fundraising 100% of my attention as the sole founder of a revenue generating business. Even with the excellent CTO we've just brought onboard, things never get less busy!".

Going throughs up and down, thin and thick is the norm amongst entrepreneurs. There is the light at the end of the tunnel. AirMathsTuition CEO shared with us that: "The most rewarding aspect is getting things done. As an entrepreneur, it often feels like you're in a state of paralysis. Especially when you're stuck in the mud of that one demotivating thing you HAVE to do, that takes ages. But it's super relieving when you move through the to-do list effectively and quickly. I also enjoy the part when I've done my to-do list and it's time to explore opportunities and plot with my CTO about how we're gonna win".

If you are curious to learn more about AirMathsTuition, feel free to visit their website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Their pitch deck is also available. For that please get in touch with

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