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Startup of the week: Vetwork

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Welcome to our Startup of the Week Series, highlighting innovative startups from iur network.

This week, we introduce you to Vetwork, a leader in Petcare in the MENA Region. This is all inclusive application is designed with dedicated, but busy pet parents in mind. This easy-to-use platform organizes training, healthcare, and grooming services that come directly to users’ homes, ensuring convenience for owners as well as optimal wellbeing for beloved cats and dogs.

We recently spoke with Faddy Azzouny, Founder and CEO of Vetwork, who spoke about the vision behind Vetwork, what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, as well as challenges and rewards of founding his own business.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the pet care space?

I believe any entrepreneur becomes one because they’re not happy with the solution of a specific problem, at least that’s me, and that’s why I took the decision to start a company! I see too much potential in my industry, and I dream of making a positive impact, leaving behind a legacy and helping as much people and animals as possible!

What is the most challenging part of running your own startup?

I believe it’s all legal stuff you must go through, from licenses to registrations to handling every single document and contract you put your hands on. To add to that, finding the right talent to help you build the company you envision can be difficult as well.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced when looking for funding?

In the early days of fundraising it is easy to get frustrated, but as you move on you get used to it. I’m talking specifically about getting rejected. I’m not exaggerating when I say got rejected at least 100 times before finding the right investors.

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship?

The Impact you have on people lives! We are blessed to able to help and change the lives of thousands of stakeholders! We’ve helped generate extra income for service providers, saved thousands of animals, made pet parents happy, all while being able to creating a sense of security for clients and our employees.

To learn more about Vetwork, check our their website and/or LinkedIn. You can also reach out to Faddy directly on LinkedIn. We want to also extend a warm thank you to Faddy for his time. We hope that his journey gives entrepreneurs a reminder to keep pushing to make your vision a reality!

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