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Startup of the week : Reselo AB

Updated: May 23, 2023

This week The Startup Club features RESELO. Reselo is a bioeconomy and circular economy company that is driving the next rubber revolution. Based on research from the Wallenberg Wood Science Center and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Reselo have developed a cost effective patent pending process to turn residues from the pulp and paper industry (birch bark) into a sustainable bio-rubber.

Having founded in 2020, Reselo says "they have the potential to disrupt both the forest industry and the pollutive rubber industry when upvalue the wood residues and replacing both fossil-based synthetic rubbers and natural rubber and avoiding huge amount of CO2 emissions, cutting down rainforests to establish more natural rubber plantations. They also have gathered great interest from several leading consumer brands in the fashion, sports and car industry."

When asked about what made them an entrepreneur:

"I have always dreamt about being part of the true transformation of the society towards sustainability and at the same time, having the chance of building a company where people love to work. For me sustainability is not only environmental sustainability, its about finding harmony with everything, living in harmony with the world and taking care of the scare resources that we only borrow, creating harmony at work where people can develop them self. Reselo shall be a zone of thriving and joy and a source of energy in peoples lives!"

They also stated that with such revolutionizing ideas there are also challenges that the startup has to face and the same being: "I am very impatient and its little bit frustrating when you know we have something fantastic that will revolutionize how we produce material and you know what you we need to do for succeed, but you need to wait for funding to coming in place, wait for test results, wait for people to recruit, waiting for permissions, waiting for material to be delivered."

When it comes to funding the most challenging they feel is to get the investors to understand how fantastic the entire process of material development is and how it will become a profitable business at the same time as they can be part of the transformation of our society towards sustainability. So by investing, you will be profitable making a huge difference! Reselo is currently looking for an investment of 2 Million Euros.

Despite the challenges, Reselo looks at the brighter side of their journey as for them the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship is: "Feel that you make a difference, to work with amazing people, meeting other brilliant entrepreneurs and Instant feedback on decisions you take!"

To know more about how Reselo works and carry out their operations click on to

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