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Startup of the Week: Aeris Biotechnologies

This week we introduce you to Aeris Biotechnologies - founded in 2021 and operating in the Biotechnology sector. The startup is developing the first product that uses environmentally friendly biological control to prevent asthma before the patient is even exposed.

The Aeris technology is redirecting environmentally friendly biological control – the fastest growing approach to pest control in agriculture – to benefit human health by using this uniquely powerful approach to target the dust mites infesting our homes, stopping them from producing these potent allergens. Treating the source, not the symptoms.

David Harper was motivated to become an entrepreneur since he wanted to make a difference and present some interesting ideas. However, as he mentioned one of the biggest challenges for the startup was funding as well as finding the right people. When asked about the biggest challenge he has faced while looking for funding David Harper responds:

"Convincing other people to join me in looking outside the box" - David Harper

Also, when asked about the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship David Harper replies:

"Turning ideas into reality" - David Harper

I would like to thank David Harper for taking time for our interview to provide us with intriguing viewpoints regarding their company. If you would like to learn more about Aeris Biotechnologies and their technology, visit their website: or email for their pitch deck.

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