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Startup of the week: Catecut

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

This week we are presenting you the innovative fashion tech startup Catecut founded in 2019. The company aspires to construct an application that will help women choose the ideal outfit for the day.

Not only does Catecut help its users alleviate extra stress by guiding them towards choosing the right outfit, but it also promotes sustainability since the app highlights mindful shopping and making the best out of one's wardrobe.

"Anna had been working as a fashion stylist for over 20 years for politicians, presidential candidates, and business people. She wanted to democratize personal styling to reach more people, helping women find the right clothes and feel more confident"

- Heidrun Sigfusdottir

Anna Gunnarsdottir and Heidrun Sigfusdottir met in 2018 and their shared love to help women look and feel at their best in conjunction with their desire to help the environment, motivated them to start with this venture. As creative and resilient women, they are able to survive and thrive in any environment. These are necessary traits for people operating in a startup setting where challenges are always expected and Heidrun Sigfsdottir recognizes this:

"The first years of running a startup are very challenging, especially when developing new technology with a limited budget and time. This is a critical time for a startup, and organizing projects correctly is often a question of survival for the company. One wrong decision can result in months of setbacks, and staying focused when you have creative ideas for the future can be very challenging."

- Heidrun Sigfusdottir

Another frequent problem that startups face is funding and to the question about the challenges that the startup faced when looking for funding Heidrun Sigfsudottir replies:

"Listening to critics almost daily we realized it was easy to go off course. But this also helped us stay true to what we believe in and become stronger for it. Now we go into fundraising with a lot more confidence."

- Heidrun Sigfusdottir

To the question, what is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship Heidrun Sigfsudottir replies:

"Having the opportunity to do what we love, and to help women look and feel great everyday, while having a positive impact on the environment."

- Heidrun Sigfusdottir

I would like to thank Heidrun Sigfsudottir for taking time for our interview and for providing us with insightful answers about their upcoming project. If you would like to learn more about Catecut sign up in their website to get notified as soon as they launch:

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