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Startup of the Week: Clever Forever Education AG

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Presenting to you a Swiss startup which was founded last year by Dr. Olga Ruf-Fiedler along the CTO of the company Sebastian Haehnel. This is the first European multi-topic learning app for kids aged 3-6.

In the world of educational technology, there are many apps available for schools and higher education learners, but remarkably less for preschoolers. Parents with children aged 3-6 lack engaging digital education tools that are gamified and customized to their children's needs.

But now, the app called 'CatnClever' by Clever Forever Education AG has responded to all these needs. It is not like a traditional learning application, it works like a game, but a serious one for preschoolers. With CatnClever the children can learn interactively and playfully. Launched 8 months ago, it has already won more than 85’000 happy active users.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the games.

Dr Ruf-Fiedler said she has always been an entrepreneur at heart and the transition into starting her own business was a natural step for her. She has experience building 2 companies as a CEO in the financial industry. As she said,

" It was the time to take this experience and start my own business that will also have a social impact. Now we want to build our own unicorn." - Dr Olga Ruf-Fiedler

Dr Ruf-Fielder motivates others who want to start their own businesses, saying they should be fearless and that several government programs and private resources are available to help. She said the right motivation and passion can help accomplish anything.

While the core team is fully committed from the very beginning, challenges that Dr Ruf-Fielder faced is maintaining a longer commitment among the supporters of the core team. Due to limited funds available, some jobs can only be offered on a part-time basis or temporary, and it's hard to find and keep on board motivated employees under such conditions. As she said:

" Every one of them has to be found and convinced that we are developing the best-in-class application for kids, so that s/he will come back each time when we need them, despite the uncertainty in the future." - Dr Olga Ruf-Fiedler

The funding is always a big problem for any startup, and everyone handles it differently. Dr Ruf-Fiedler has also encountered the same challenge, here how she faces it:

"The biggest challenge of fundraising is staying calm, confident and patient. It is hard to face setbacks when a potential investor is stepping out after a few months of discussions and hope. It’s important not to take a “no” personally” - Dr Ruf-Fiedler

To the question, what is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship, Dr. Ruf-Fiedler replies:

“Two most rewarding aspects are the feeling of accomplishment and the ability to be your own boss. You are in control of your own destiny and can make a significant impact on your company and the community. This is a unique feeling that is hard to find in other jobs. And in addition to the personal rewards, entrepreneurship might also become a big financial success for founders and investors”.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr Olga Ruf-Fiedler for being part of this project and taking time for our interview and to talk about her company Clever Forever Education AG, and their product CatnClever. If you would like to know more about CatnClever, visit their website:

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