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Startup of the week: Best Parents

In this edition, we speak to Burçin Advani, Co-Founder at Best Parents with 12 years of experience in education consulting.

Based in San Francisco, Best Parents Inc is a global education company. Their scope has expanded to 62 countries in 8 different currencies, and the number of accredited education companies they have collectively worked with has risen to 2000+.

Tell us about your company

Burçin: Best Parents is an AI Business Suite where we match students to summer camps all around the world while we perform booking and operations for suppliers, education consultancy companies and parents. It is technically a future career compass for teenagers while exploring AI and experience in the field.

What made you become an entrepreneur?  

Burçin: I was born as an entrepreneur. My passion to make the new generation 's better. I love enhancing people's lives. My focus has always been teenagers as a teacher, as an education consultant and as an entrepreneur.

What is the most challenging part of running your own startup? 

Burçin: Whatever bad happens it is your responsibility, whatever good happens it is your team's success. 

What is the biggest challenge you've faced when looking for funding? 

Burçin: To find the right business angels take time. It is like finding a pearl in the ocean. You need to hold your breath and carry an oxygen tube which is your revenue. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship? 

Burçin: It transforms you, makes you awake about every attraction around you.

Summer Camp programs designed for students wanting to branch out of their comfort zone to experience a new country, friends & culture from around the globe and experience a wide range of educational and activity based curriculums in a short period of time to discover their true strengths and passions for their future.

Learn more about the company on their website:

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