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Welcome to The Startup Club, a one-stop-shop for the global entrepreneur community. Our vision is to assist businesses in their capital structuring and growth by connecting entrepreneurs with investors, advisors, mentors and other key players in the startup ecosystem internationally.  

Through a series of Pitch Nights and Investor Networking Conferences, The Startup Club help startups, scale-ups and growing companies reach their funding and development needs. In 2020, we hosted over 50 successful events, attended by numerous Angel Groups, high net worth investors, venture capital firms, private equity funds and investment professionals.

With active presence across all continents and over 70,000 members in our online network, The Startup Club works across a spectrum of growing industries - GreenTech, FinTech, Real Estate, FoodTech, EdTech, FashionTech, Healthcare and many more. Read more below.


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Over 40 in 2020



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Over 70,000 members
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