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Startup of the Week: Hemeo

This week we are glad to present you Hemeo founded in 2019 and operating in the Digital Health industry. Hemeo is a Digital Health Venture dedicated to improve patient outcome and save hospital costs transforming Patient Blood Management using their data driven technology. Their tagline is "Know the Flow."

Hemeo is motivated to bring a change in the Health industry and help patients reduce their costs. 15 years ago, Remi Corlin (Chief Executive Office) discovered that anesthetists as well as care doctors were seeking for new innovative solutions to improve patient blood management.

Corlin explains that when he found out about Hemeo's core technology which was developed at Philips originally, he realized that it was a great venture that would bring a change in the field.

Despite the great innovation, all startups encounter difficulties in their journeys. When asked about the most challenging part of running their own startup, Corlin mentioned funding. As Corlin explains with regards to the biggest challenge faced when looking for funding:

"It’s to find the perfect fit. The investor who has an investment strategy which is fully aligned with where we are in our journey" -Remi Corlin

To the question about the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship Remi responds:

"The excitement of innovation and bringing it in front the eyes of the clinicians who will benefit from it" -Remi Corlin

I would like to thank Remi Corlin for providing us with his viewpoint about Hemeo and their great innovation. If you would like to learn more about Hemeo please visit their page:

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