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Startup of the week: Basefunder

In this edition, we speak to Mehmet Dolgan, Founder & CEO of Basefunder Crowdfunding Platform. A passionate entrepreneur, Mehmet has a diverse background as a crowdfunding platform founder, venture capital (VC) founder, and technology enthusiast. Learn more about his latest venture below.

Tell us about your company:

Basefunder is a pioneering crowdfunding platform based in Turkey. Founded in 2022,

ensuring the safety and transparency of investments for our users. Our platform

offers vetted ventures evaluated by independent institutions, with comprehensive

financial reporting for five years post-funding. With a team of experienced founders

versed in Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, Investment Banking, and FinTech

Venture/Exit, Basefunder is dedicated to facilitating strategic and secure investment


What made you become an entrepreneur?

The drive to innovate and create positive change in the financial landscape propelled me

into entrepreneurship. Witnessing gaps in traditional investment avenues and

recognizing the potential of crowdfunding to democratize access to funding for

promising ventures inspired me to establish Basefunder. As an entrepreneur, I am

fueled by the opportunity to challenge conventions, solve problems, and contribute to

the growth of both investors and entrepreneurs alike.

What is the most challenging part of running your own company?

One of the most challenging aspects of running a company is navigating the

uncertainties and complexities of the business landscape. From managing finances

and scaling operations to staying ahead of market trends and competition, every day

presents unique obstacles that require strategic thinking and adaptability. Balancing

the demands of building and growing a business while maintaining a clear vision and

fostering team morale is a continuous challenge that requires perseverance and


What is the biggest challenge you have faced when looking for funding?

Securing funding for Basefunder presented several challenges, with one of the most

significant being establishing trust and credibility among potential investors. As a new

entrant in the crowdfunding space, gaining the confidence of investors required

demonstrating the integrity of our platform, the expertise of our team, and the viability

of the ventures we support. Overcoming skepticism and differentiating ourselves in a

competitive market demanded strategic communication, transparency, and a

relentless commitment to our mission.

What is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship?

The most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship is witnessing the impact of our efforts on

individuals and communities. Building something from the ground up, seeing it grow,

and knowing that it positively influences the lives of our users and stakeholders is

immensely gratifying. Whether it's empowering entrepreneurs to realize their visions,

enabling investors to diversify their portfolios, or contributing to economic development and innovation, the sense of purpose and fulfillment derived from entrepreneurship is unparalleled.

Basefunder is raising now! If you're interested in learning more, please fill out the form:

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