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Green Tech Explained

It is expected that the Green Technology & Sustainability Market will triple from $8.7 billion in 2019 to $28.9 billion by 2024. But what is Green Tech and why is this field growing so rapidly?

Green Technology, also known as Sustainable Technology, takes into account the effect anything has on the world over the long and short term. By definition, Green Goods are environmentally friendly. Energy conservation, recycling, issues about health and safety, renewable resources and more are all about making a green product or technology.

Although the green technology industry is relatively young, since the Industrial Revolution and due to the increasing concern about the effects of climate change and the loss of natural resources, it has attracted a great deal of investment interest so they used the Green Tech in one way or another when some manufacturers tried to reduce the negative impacts on the environment by change their manufacturing method to create less soot or waste by-products.

In 2017, global investment in renewable energies and green processes exceeded $200 billion, while $2.9 trillion has been invested in sources such as solar and wind since 2004, according to a 2018 study released by the United Nations. The report even said China was the world's largest investor in the industry, with approximately $126.6 billion invested in 2017.

Following the trend, well-known corporate giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and IBM all announced countless green ventures, in addition to a proliferating number of Green Tech startups emerging in the past few years.

The Startup Club and Starlight Capital, CompanyCapital are excited to present the Green Tech Investment Conference happening on October 26th. The forum will present a select number of Green Tech startups ready to expand current Climate Impact business to international markets. The event will host Cleantech, PropTech, WasteManagement and other Green Tech solutions seeking to grow on new markets – including manufacturing outsourcing opportunities etc. Find our more and RSVP the event via the link.

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