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Wed, Jul 03


Online Pitch Night

Health Tech Investment Conference Investor Pass

Discover innovative Health Tech startups: Wearables, Medical Devices, Internet of Medical Things, 3D imaging, Big Data & Clinical Algorithms, Remote Caring Technologies, Nanotechnology and many more…

Health Tech Investment Conference Investor Pass
Health Tech Investment Conference Investor Pass

Time & Location

Jul 03, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+2

Online Pitch Night

About the Event

Calling all HealthTech enthusiasts! 

We're welcoming start-ups that are harnessing technology to propel the world into the future of HealthTech to pitch on the night! Inviting startups working on Wearables, Medical Devices, Internet of Medical Things, 3D imaging, Big Data & Clinical Algorithms, Remote Caring Technologies, Nanotechnology, Augmented reality, Personalized Medicine, Robotics, Mental Health and many more…

Schedule of the event

- Introductory welcome from The Startup Club

- Presenting the members of the Advisory Panel

- Start-up Pitches, including Q&A and feedback

- 10-min panel discussion and Q&A with the audience

- Conclusion

Previous Advisors:

  • Elliot Levy - Senior Associate - Health Tech at Dreamit Ventures
  • Austin Sawyer - VC Investor, Health Tech   at Nina Capital
  • Christina Brandmair Senior Program Manager at Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Paul Monaghan -  Principal at SOSV
  • Jordi Ferrer Rendé - Investment Director | Healthcare & Quality of Life at Ship2B Ventures
  • Dr. Dominique J.E. Delporte - Vermeiren - Investor at Borski Fund
  • Andres Carbonell - Ventures at Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Nuzi Barkatally - Vice President of Startup Banking, Life Sciences & Healthcare at SVB
  • Ada Dildar - Venture Team Lead at Newchip Accelerator
  • Simon Turner - Partner at Sofinnova Partners
  • Paul Vernooij - Investment Associate at Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM)
  • Gerard Lenstra - Foreign Investment Manager for Life Sciences & Health @ N.V. NOM
  • Mahesh Santiapillai Investment Executive at Praetura Ventures
  • Bertrand Van Leersum, Investment Manager at Borski Fund
  • Dominick Kennerson, Global Head G4A - Digitial Partnership at Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Jonathan Miller - Venture Partner at Fitness Ventures & Fitrepreneur
  • Maite Malet Faura - Investment Associate at Asabys
  • Dr. Heiko Stoermer, Ph.D, Managing Director at EIT Digital Italy
  • Aurélie Moser, Health Tech Coach in accelerators and for the top 5 life science corporate companies, Founder of Bambooster
  • Matthew Foran, Program Manager at IeAD Sports & Health Tech Partners
  • Dr. Florian Koerber, Ph.D, Head of Startup Relations at Flying Health
  • Antonio Limatola - Senior Associate at Asabys Partners
  • Adam Dakin - Partner at Dreamit Ventures
  • Johannes Blaschke - Principal at Calm/Storm Ventures
  • Matthew Foran Sr. Program Manager at leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners
  • Emily Zhen, Healthcare Venture Capital at New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
  • Jean-Francois Rivassou - Partner at Kurma Partners
  • Elena Dikova - Senior Associate at APEX Ventures
  • Viktor Minchev - VC at ElevenVentures
  • Daria Pelini - VC at Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Stephan Hulsbergen ✔ -Venture Developer Medical Technology at BOM
  • Yara Alenazi - Health Tech Investor at MassMutual Ventures
  • Dominick Kennerson - Senior Vice President HealthTech at HSBC Innovation Banking
  • Masashi Kiyomine - Founder & Managing Partner at Kicker Ventures
  • Patrick Sleight - Associate at K2 HealthVentures
  • Anne DeGheest - Founder and Managing director at HealthTech Capital
  • Johannes Blaschke - Principal at Calm/Storm
  • Elena Dikova - Senior Associate at APEX Ventures
  • Mascha Bonk - Associate at Ananda Impact Ventures
  • Irene Golden - Consultant at RockHealth
  • Nils Bottler - Principal at Angelini Ventures
  • Estia Ryan - Principal and Head of Research at Eka Ventures
  • Vincent Lepreux - Investment Principal at Debiopharm Innovation Fund
  • Arnd Kaltofen-Ehmann Managing Parnter Vi Partners
  • Nadine Y.N - Sr. Analyst  at Nina Capital
  • Laurens Asamoah Visiting Analyst at Call/Storm Ventures
  • Cindy Wei Associate at Lunar Ventures
  • Nikki van Teijlingen Bakker - Healthcare Ventures and Partnerships Manager at Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Markus Dietrich - Senior Investment Associate at Hadean Ventures
  • Catherine Boule - Managing Partner at Karista
  • Vahid Asimi - VC at Heal Capital
  • Jill Konowich - Director at Health Innovation Capital

STARTUPS are invited to pitch at our event, which will feature a panel of investors. You will have 5-7 minutes to convey your idea (you may use a pre-recorded pitch and/or an explanatory video). Following that, there will be 15-20 minutes of questions and feedback from the Advisory Panel, as well as audience interaction. Each pitching start-up receives real-time feedback.

Startups that previously pitched:

  • BoydSense, RDS(Rhythm Diagnostic Systems), OxiWear, CBX Stock Exchange, Cosmos Pharmaceuticals LLC, Hemeo, Osteoweld Surgical Ltd, Dynamic Nutrition Academy, Bulbitech AS, Endiatx., Remedly, Implandata Ophthalmic Products, TESSAN,  AIHCON, Aeris Biotechnologies, Humlife360, Cellotex, Hydrolex, Enhance-d, Sayin, Goodsomnia, ♀VivoSensMedical, 💊 tantum sana, 👯‍♀️ MonthlyCup, 👵 miResi, 🏥 BeCare Link, 🎽 VitaScale, 📿 Sonai Health Oy., AURIMOD GmbH, Automation For Humanity,, IMPLICAN B.V., dHealthIQ BV, Oro Muscles, InLine-Med GmbH., Calciscon AG, Mireya DX, Implandata Ophthalmic Products,  Smylor, BOYDSense, EndoShunt Medical, macu4, Agora Labs. VitaScale,, CYTO365, OUI Medical Inc, BeCareLink, Cosmos Pharmaceuticals, Lumetry
  • PIPRA - Reducing the Incidence of Delirium through Prevention.
  • BIOS Medical - BIOS monitors crucial health parameters to inform diagnostics and therapeutic decisions to improve human life.
  • HealthHop - Book your medical procedures and travel logistics overseas simply and securely all with HealthHop.
  • Vigor Medical Technologies Ltd - Lifesaving Technology for chest trauma and postoperative drainage.
  • Mental Future - Improving people's mental health by developing innovative science-backed therapies for common psychological problems.
  • Remedly - Future-proofing the healthcare industry with innovative solutions that transform practices and improve patient care.
  • Precision - Remote heart failure monitoring to save lives.
  • Auctus - Developing a non-fusion dynamic vertebral body tethering system to treat pediatric scoliosis.
  • Tada Group - fulfilling the unmet needs in the healthcare sector.
  • Endiatx  - developing PillBot™, a moving pill-sized camera for easy, at-home endoscopies.
  • Lymphatica Medtech - develops medical devices for the treatment of lymphatic diseases.
  • Dentcense - Dentistry robotic system that assists dentists to perform operations and treatments remotely anywhere, anytime
  • - With you can reverse type 2 diabetes in only 12 weeks
  • Artiness - Provide solutions for the procedural support of mini-invasive surgeries, through holographic innovative solutions for medical imaging.
  • Precision Cardiovascular Ltd. - Remote heart failure monitoring to save lives.
  • AVeta Medical Delivering the only non-hormonal targeted therapy for Vaginal Atrophy sufferers
  • Aurora Life Science Nutrition tracking at the highest level
  • Alzheimer's Treatment Centers of America Patented AI + Medical Technologies for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.
  • GmbH World's first software service to provide end-to-end decision support: from raw flow files to a diagnostic report
  • Oncobit AG Enabling personalized cancer care by matching patients to the cancer treatment available
  • sendance GmbH Soft sensor solutions for smart wearables in healthcare and sport
  • couch:now Providing valuable input and help for self-help online from accredited therapists, coaches and experts
  • Pentaomix developing a novel solution for cancer diagnostics


  • Investor Pass

    You will receive a direct calendar invite after your application and verification of investor status.




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