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Great event guys, really enjoyed being a part of it and offering my advice. Some promising companies out there. Just as ourselves at Family Secret, with the right backing and advice, they can become the household brands of tomorrow.​

- Sunny Mudhar, Foundet at Family Secret

The Startup Club Pitch Night was a great opportunity to pitch Renoon online. I received very useful feedback, questions and the contacts or follow ups gathered resulted into interesting conversations we are carrying on.

- Iris Skrami, Founder of Reenoon

It was a very insightful event. Thanks a lot for organising and to everyone who pitched and shared their vision!

Tina Dreisicke, Founder at Mevolute

Thanks for a wonderful event yesterday! It ran smoothly and efficiently! Looking forward to attending other Startup Club events in the future!

Alex Kosyakov, Co-Founder & CEO at Natrion

I thought today's event was great.  Although I already know a great deal about RE (and how the whole RE market works), I really learned a lot more today, by listening in to all the presenters.  A number of the speakers were outstanding.

- Leonard Chaikind, CEO at IICC

Today was my first experience with the Startup Club. I was very impressed with today’s conference and your leadership.

- Raymond Kahn, Founding Member at USREM