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Startup of the Week: Next Generation

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The startup of this week is Next Generation founded in 2022 and operating in the fashion industry. Next Generation creates innovative headwear by designing removable magnetic patches while proposing a sustainable solution. Their tagline is "Closing the gap between fast fashion and sustainability."

Next Generation has designed a variety of magnetic straps that consumers can choose from to decorate their caps. This innovative solution presents a fashionable lifestyle while allowing for the reduction of waste.

"We invented The Magnetic Patch System™ - the world‘s first invisible patch mechanism for the daily re-styling of your favorite fashion piece. The technology is globally patented and helps generate up to 70% less waste compared to similar textile products." -Tobias Eder

The team members are highly skilled and motivated to bring their own change in the fashion industry. As Tobias Eder explains:

"Getting excited about new ideas and making them become reality. Entrepreneurship is the only way to make that happen on your terms and ideally make the world a better place while doing so." -Tobias Eder

However, running a startup does not come without challenges. Tobias Eder mentioned that one of the biggest challenges a startup has to face is "freedom." According to Tobias, a startup has to adjust fast and make critical decisions. Another common problem that startups have to face is funding and to the question about the biggest challenge Next Generation faced when looking for funding, Tobias Eder responds:

"Not everybody wants to share the same vision as you do. In my opinion, that's the first step to finding a long-term partner who's ready for the ups and downs which lie ahead.

That's why I always focus on the values and beliefs of any potential partners of NEXT GENERATION®." -Tobias Eder

To the question, what is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship, Tobias Eder replies:

"Seeing something come to life that once was an idea, then a sketch on paper, and now a patented product that currently changes a multi-billion dollar industry." - Tobias Eder

I would like to thank Tobias Eder for taking time for our interview and for providing us with intriguing viewpoints regarding their startup.

If you would like to learn more about Next Generation, visit their website: or email for their pitch deck.

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