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EdTech Explained

For hundreds of years, traditional education remained the same. Technology has changed that. But what exactly is Education Technology, or EdTech, and why is it so important?

EdTech is the process of bringing IT instruments into the classroom to create a learning environment that is more interactive, inclusive, and individualized. All types of hardware, software, wearables, and other electronics and mechanical companies operating in the education sector are included in the EdTech industry. For educational institutions and people, these firms design and produce hardware and software products.

From tools that help engage students in the classroom, to IoT devices in schools, or machine learning technology easing teachers' efforts in grading paperworks, EdTech is changing the traditional education landscape. As digital skills are bound to become even more important in the labour market, introducing technology early on will be crucial to access promising career opportunities.

Over the years, the EdTech industry has grown into one of the most profitable (for innovators) and appealing (for investors) business models. Moreover, it is one of the few industries that could survive this COVID-19 pandemic and grow. Global digital investment in the education sector is expected to reach $341 billion by 2025. In March this year, Yuanfudao, a live-course Chinese online website, raised $1 billion in funding - the highest ever money received by an education firm in a single round, anywhere on the world.

Following the success of the first and second edition of the conference, The Startup Berlin Club brings are pleased to present the III Edition of the EdTech Pitch Night happening on November 17th. The event matches EdTech startups to industry-specific advisors and investors while providing opportunities for the general participants to interact. Learn more and RSVP here.

By Toqa Emad, The Startup Club Marketing Executive

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