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Our Past Events

Discover some of the testimonials received from our past conference participants:

Tina Dreisicke, Founder at Mevolute - It was a very insightful event. Thanks a lot for organising and to everyone who pitched and shared their vision!


Sunny Mudhar, Foundet at Family Secret - Great event guys, really enjoyed being a part of it and offering my advice. Some promising companies out there. Just as ourselves at Family Secret, with the right backing and advice, they can become the household brands of tomorrow.​

Iris Skrami, Founder of Reenoon - The Startup Club Pitch Night was a great opportunity to pitch Renoon online. I received very useful feedback, questions and the contacts or follow ups gathered resulted into interesting conversations we are carrying on.

Alex Kosyakov, Co-Founder & CEO at Natrion - "Thanks for a wonderful event yesterday! It ran smoothly and efficiently! Looking forward to attending other Startup Club events in the future!"

Leonard Chaikind, CEO at IICC - "I thought today's event was great.  Although I already know a great deal about RE (and how the whole RE market works), I really learned a lot more today, by listening in to all the presenters.  A number of the speakers were outstanding and I think Olga and Steve both did a great job too."

Raymond Kahn, Founding Member at USREM - "Today was my first experience with the Startup Club. I was very impressed with today’s conference and your leadership."

Erwan Rouzel, Co-Founder & CTO at B-Cube AI - "Our pitch in March during the Pitch Nights was really good: we are now in discussion for raising funds with NewFund whom we met during the event."


Anna De Stefano, Angel Investor - "Thank you The Startup Club for having invited me. It has been an event full of very interesting insights!"


Christien Ducker, Founder & President of Safety Management Systems Inc. - "I want to compliment you on your control of the session today. I personally felt very comfortable in the format and presentation today …. and it was my first time in that type of presentation.  Thank you!"

Karsten Falldorf, Managing Director at Sachtleben GmbH (CIT research) - "Thank you. Excellent moderation! Great Pitching format!"


James R. Huerta, Managing Partner at The Nessa Group

- "Olga, very impressed with the presentations and even more so with your efforts to keep business moving forward and maintaining a healthy entrepreneur eco system. Thank you."

- "There are certainly not enough words to express my recognition of how important the Startup Club presentations and discussions are at this place in time. This past year has epitomized what a delicate balance it is to start and/or run a business in difficult times. The Start Club has created a portal for Small, Medium Enterprises to see what can be done if we collaborate our skills and efforts to move forward and succeed in our respective business endeavors. Thank you."

Peter P. Gladis, Director at STAR Associates, Inc. - "Excellent group of companies yesterday, Brian! I have passed along all the executive summaries to our CEO." 

Fabian Claussen, Managing Director at Claussen Capital GmbH - "Many thanks for the invitation to your networking conference. It was a great event!"

Ogün Saka, Edu Consultant - GREAT. I participated the first time and find it very interesting and useful. Thanks to the Future of EdTech Team & Jamal. 

Michael Harvey, Founder at Stories at Work - Mouthwatering as ever - many thanks to Sascha Dutta and Jamal Maxey for making it happen!​

Kristina Rasmussen, The Heart Company Beauty & Lifestyle - I’d like to thank you again for today’s very valuable meeting and for all your great support! We appreciate the conversations a lot and are very satisfied with your documents.

Adrian Kochsiek, Founder & CEO of ONVY HealthTech Group - Participating in the European Investment Conference was a great experience because he had a long follow up call with Maite from Asabys partners who is interested in investing when they reach series A.

Rich Didonato, The Hamptons Shop - Thanks again for including us in this event. Very impressive advisory group you assembled and valuable feedback with many different perspectives

Aditya Mani of Yologram - It was a very well conducted and professional experience where the host systematically aligns the startups with the mentors/investors. I was personally very impressed.

Discover recordings from our past events and informative videos about The Startup Club community across the world:

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