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The Startup Club does have more than 500 groups on Linkedin, Facebook and XING with more than 70,000 members.


By engaging in this plan, you can post advertisement in any The Startup Club group on Facebook, Linkedin and XING for the selected period of time. This plan can be fully customized to your needs based on your geography and target market. 



At The Startup Club, we have an active member community, including our weekly newsletter. This option is usually used as an add-on to another plan, increasing your exposure and chances to interact with our members.



If you are looking to get a maximized exposure for your business within our entrepreneurial community, the blog advertising plan is made for you. 

- We will create a designated blog post about your business;

- We will market that blog post in our network;

- We will include the blog in our social media communications;

- We will include the blog in our weekly neswletter.




With over 40 successful events hosted in the past year across the globe, sponsoring one of our conferences is an effective solution to reaching entrepreneur community. If you are looking to reach a particular industry, one of our sector-focused events can be a great opportunity for you.

By becoming an event sponsor, you can get access to the following:

- Logo and description featured in event marketing

- Dedicated note on website
- Advertising in our groups with over 70,000 members
- Speaker slot and special thanks at the event

The sponsorship package can be fully personalized to your needs!



In addition to sponsoring a specific event, you can become the official The Startup Club sponsor for a minimum of 6 months.

During this time, you will get the following:

- Your branding on landing page of our website;

- Your branding in all of our social media groups;

- Dedicated monthly newsletter;

- Dedicated social media outreach;

- Special thanks at all of our events.

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